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This is a variant of chess where the King can sometimes move like a Knight. The inner 36 squares is called the King's Court and the outer ring of squares is called The Crown. When in the King's Court, the King can also move like a Knight.

King's Court Specific Rules:

  • King cannot move or jump into a condition of Check
  • King must move as a King from the Crown into the Court unless moving as a Knight would capture a Queen
  • King can move out of the Court as a Knight
  • King can take Queen at any time as a Knight if the Queen is not protected
  • Entering the Court acts as a single move

Unless superseded by rules above, all other rules of Chess apply.

Game Design - Baraka Smith
Code/Art - Dylan Bennett

This game will be released in digital form once.... umm.... I learn more Godot. 😜

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