Silmeazing Adventure!

<Press X to restart if you die.>

This game was made in one hour for the Zero Hour Game Jam. Basically you start jamming at 1am on the night of Daylight Savings Time, jam for one hour, then the clock rolls back to.... 1am. Zero hours!

This is a very simple game where you traverse a maze, avoiding slimes, and trying to get as deep into the maze as you can. The maze/map generation took up the first half an hour and all the player/enemy stuff took up the second half an hour. I'm sure there are some bugs, but... hey... it's jam code! :D

If you want to watch this game get made in real-time, I livestreamed the whole thing and you can watch it here:


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The start of a Gauntlet ;-)

This game is sooo amazing! I love it!